Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi is just one of three great lakes in the Great Rift Valley, in Africa. Surrounded by three countries, it is the most southern lake in the rift valley. Malawi borders most of the lake along the western coast, Tanzania at the north and Mozambique near the south east. Most locals refer to it as Lake Nyasa. Also called Lake Nyassa, and Lake Niassa in Tanzania, or Lago Niassa in Mozambique. The former name being Livingstones Lake.

The great lake is 600 kilometers long, and 80km at its widest point. The surface area is close to 31,000 square kilometres. The lakes largest outlet is the Shire River. It is the third largest lake in Africa, and the tenth largest in the world. This vast underwater space provides many different environmental niches, which has led to to specialization of many cichlid species.


If you desire to keep any fish from Lake Malawi, then its natural water quality should be of interest to you. It is important to try and replicate their natural habitat to prevent stress, which will help them to have long healthy lives. The water in Lake Malawi is slightly alkaline, with a PH between 7.7 - 8.6, and a carbonate hardness of 107 to 142 mg.

The temperatures above the lake can reach more than 30 degrees Celsius. The lakes water temperature is very stable, mostly due to to the large water mass. It ranges from 24 to 29 degrees Celsius (or 75 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit) at most depths, with the deepest places at roughly 22 C (72 F). These underwater figures apply all year round.


  • Wave-washed upper rocky.
  • Sediment-free rocky
  • Deep, sediment-rich rocky.
  • Intermediate (sand and rocks).
  • Shallow intermediate.
  • Sheltered bays with aquatic plants.
  • Sandy (no rocks).


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