Melanochromis kaskazini


Commonly know as Northern Blues they are a fairly large elongated Mbuna with pointed head and mouth. Males are light blue with whitish dorsal and anal fins and without any pattern. Subdominant males show a blue/grey colouration and two black longitudinal bands. Females and juveniles are whitish with two bands and often another band below the dorsal. The edges of the caudal and anal fins are yellow. Egg spots are formed relatively faintly.

Large males can become extremely agressive and require lots of space in the aquarium however in the wild they are solitary species and don’t appear to be territorial. Northern Blues biotypes do not appear very specialized. The are found in all habitat types at depths of 10 metres. 

  • Size:

  • 12 - 15cm
  • Temperament:

  • Very Agressive