Metriaclima sp. 'msobo'


Distribution: Found at Lundu, Lutara Reef, Magunga Reef, Manda, Ngwazi and Thumbi West Island.
It has also been observed as far north as Cape Kaiser. 

Habitat: Found in rocky habitats and the Intermediate Zone. Depth range 5-30 metres.

Diet: Aufwuchs.

Adult Size: Up to 10cm.

Appearence: Males have a blue-black body with irregular light blue stripes and spots along the base of the dorsal fin and on the upper half of the body. Males south of the Ruhuhu River are generally much darker, almost completely lacking the light blue markings.
Females are bright orange-yellow in all populations.

Sub dominant / maturing males generally have a orange / yellow base colour with varying degrees of the blue black colouration. Juvenille fish are the same colour as the females untill they reach maturity when the males will begin to colour as above.

Miscellaneous: Formally known as Pseudotropheus sp. ‘msobo’.
Metriaclima sp. ‘msobo’ is a provisional name as this species is yet to be described.

  • Size:

  • 10 - 12cm
  • Temperament:

  • Slightly Agressive