Metriaclima sp. 'zebra dwarf'


Dwarf Zebras inhabit quite a few different biotypes. But most frequently found over stony or rocky substrates in shallow water of 3 to 5m. Sometimes they are often even found in Vallisneria beds. Males are territorial and defend their domains between stones or on the rock surface. The Females are solitary or live in groups.

Males are of robust physique and usually contrasting melanin pattern of vertical bars of bright blue and black (BB). They are polymorphous in which BB, OB and O morphs can be found in both sexes. The head and in particular the cheek region stand out due to their blue black colour. OB males are rarely seen, but even rarer are the O morph males.

Females can be blue barred and are dark bluish or brownish in colour. OB females are also seen very often with varying numbers of dark blotches. O morph females can be found occasionally and are creamy white to orange.

Dwarf zebra feed on aufwuchs and plankton is consumed especially by non territorial males

Found at:

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  • Size:

  • 8 - 11cm
  • Temperament:

  • Slightly Agressive